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Sex & Dating

Image via @ hollyweeed

Image via @hollyweeed

A guy’s guide to dating apps

Let's face it: dating apps are the new normal. Yeah, years ago, online dating was really for like, creeps who imported mail-order brides from third world countries, but now even hot bitches like my friends and celebs do it. Even if online dating isn't your steez (I know it's not for me, at least), dating app etiquette isn't all that different from texting etiquette, and you boys need to brush up on it. After all, 75% of communicating is texting these days, and 85% of you suck at it. Check out some Tinder faux pas you're definitely making.

A guy’s guide to sexting right

Gentlemen, we need to have a referendum about your sexting game because a vast majority of you are terrible at it. Asking your bros for sexting tips probably won't get you far because chances are they aren't very good at it either. (Do guys even talk to each other about that stuff?) Who better to ask than a girl herself, then? Check out some tips from someone who knows what she's talking about. 

Image via @ hollyweeed

Image via @hollyweeed

Image via @ realchadjohnson

Image via @realchadjohnson

All the men in new york who will disappoint you

They say New York City is the "city of dreams," but that inspirational quote that I saw on Pinterest is dead-ass wrong. Between your career, your apartment that's the size of a closet, and the fact that you live among the who's who of the anti-social personality spectrum, New York is the city of nightmares at every turn. But will any of us ever move to L.A.? F*ck no. The most disappointing part of this city, however, is The Men. Thank god we're not trying to get married. Here are all the NYC guys stuffed with red flags who will inevitably disappoint you, whether you date them or not.