Image via @ sweatsandthecity

Image via @sweatsandthecity

What your go-to trendy workout class says about you

Okay, so L.A. is actually the fitness capital of America, and that may be the one thing they have on NYC. Well, besides friendly people and perpetually sunny weather, but whatever! This doesn't mean leading a healthy lifestyle in New York City isn't a priority. We're the work hard, party hard capital, which means being relatively in-shape is a must. So that begs the question: what does the fitness class that you flock to say about you?

Are You A Trainwreck? 18 Sad But True Signs You Are

Maybe it's time to take a step back and evaluate your life choices. Take our quiz to find out whether or not you're a trainwreck. Note: if you answer yes to five or more of these questions we're checking you into rehab. (You haven't wanted to fail something this bad since your last breathalyzer test.)

Image via @ popcultureangel

Image via @popcultureangel

Image via @ gwynethpaltrow

Image via @gwynethpaltrow

True Or False: Gwyneth Paltrow Approved This New Age Health Trend

We love Gwyneth and all, but some of the stuff she's selling so many medical experts (and now space experts) just ain't buying. She definitely has the inflated ego and superficial sense of introspection of a trust fund baby who just got back from a NOLS trip who still has no idea how the world actually works. And we love her for it, and still want to try her crazy rituals, even though we can't help but think she's trolling us now. Click through to see if you can figure out which "New Age regimen" we're describing to you is something Gwyneth has hawked, or if it's a total lie.