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Image via @ thr0wback2000s

Image via @thr0wback2000s

what your last drink of the night says about you

Maybe it's last call at the bar or you're calling it quits before the clock strikes midnight, but whether you're sipping on a frosty beer or a glass of whiskey, the drink you're currently nursing is a reflection of you. Look, this is no Myers-Briggs test, but we tend to believe that you are what you drink just as much as you are what you eat. So, where do you fall on the spectrum of sippers?

11 things you should never bring up at parties

We're all guilty of being the one who causes an awkward lull in conversation at a group gathering. Maybe you just don't know your audience, or maybe what you just said was inappropriate. But it's time to stop with the social faux pas. Hey, not everyone's going to be your bestie, but sometimes it's nice to have a fun conversation with people you wouldn't necessarily talk to. However, these are the topics you should always avoid when you're trying to make friends.

Image via @ 2000s.babe

Image via @2000s.babe

New Yorkers Share Their Wildest Walk Of Shame Stories Ever

A walk of shame is a rite of passage for every girl... it's just a fact of life. But a good walk of shame story - and we mean a cringeworthy, mortifying, or absolutely shameless walk of shame story - is a rite of passage for every adventurous young woman. Again, it's just a fact of life. And what better (or worse) place to have one than in the city that never sleeps, where there are always witnesses to give you a wink or a side eye because they definitely know what you were up to last night? Here are some wild walk of shame stories from the ladies of New York.