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Image via @ tupisaravia

Image via @tupisaravia

How To Become An Instagram Fit Chick

Yes, being a #fitchick is a legitimate career, but do you think you can handle it? It takes more than just a communications degree, a thigh gap, and an iPhone to accomplish a feat like this. First of all, nothing has ever required a communications degree, like, ever. Second of all, it takes guts, it takes self discipline, it takes an amazing ass that millions of followers are willing to kiss in order to get a moment of your attention! And if a majority of those followers are purchased, so be it! It's rise and grind time, but what time does that mean, exactly? Peep the slides to see what it takes to be the ultimate Instagram fit chick.

What your gym selfie really means

I remember when I decided I needed to deactivate Tinder.  It wasn't after I saw my cousin on there. It wasn't when I saw my high school English teacher. It wasn't because 95% of the conversations are the same thing over and over again, like, "Any slutty Halloween costumes?" "What's the craziest thing you've ever done?" "Do you have a tongue piercing?" yada yada yada…

Image via @ renactive

Image via @renactive

Image via @ goop

Image via @goop

Gwyneth paltrow is selling your spirit animal for $2400

The concept of "spirit animals" has devolved into a millennial buzzword that we regard as something that is "an actual thing" that "gives us life" and is "literally #goals." But like most things, it actually started out as a Native American concept that dates back centuries. So it makes sense that Goop interviewed Shaman Colleen McCann, whose name alone tells us she's from a tribe in Monterey, California or Greenwich, Connecticut (country clubs count as tribes, right?).