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Image via @ 2000s.babe

Image via @2000s.babe

7 Celebrity Couples Who Barely Knew Each Other Before Getting Engaged

So we guess Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson read our article about how they’re pretty strange as a couple, but kind of work well together. (Come on, Ariana Grande is definitely the kind of girl who Googles herself.) Anyway, it sounds like they took that article to heart and decided to get engaged. Um…okay. But before you judge them, check out some couples that dated for only a hot minute before getting engaged. Sure, almost none of their marriages lasted. But still, at least they got some (short-lived) marital bliss!

What Is Big Dick Energy? 7 Women Who Have BDE

If you haven’t heard about Big Dick Energy, you clearly haven’t been on social media all week. WTF? And if you’ve never been in the presence of Big Dick Energy, please stop hanging out at houses of guys who have a “Saturdays Are For The Boys” flag. And like any viral thing, it just took a life of its own that will inevitably die out when Ellen Degeneres features it on her show or Fat Jew steals a meme about it. Big Dick Energy is the capacity to carry yourself with an unshakable confidence and truly not give a fuck. I honestly have no idea why this is called Big Dick Energy, because there are way too many well-endowed dudes out there who have zero confidence, but it’s a vibe that any gender can cultivate. Check out some female celebs who have BDE.

Image via @ badgalriri

Image via @badgalriri

Image via @ youvegotnomale

Image via @youvegotnomale

We Asked 6 People Why Jonathan Cheban Blocked Them

Jonathan Cheban is, quite possibly, the most hateful man on the planet. Well, besides like, people in ISIS and Trump. When he’s not up Kim’s famous derriere, he’s out here blocking people on social media like it’s his job. Well, frankly, it probably is his job because getting filmed eating in restaurants while actual customers look on confused probably doesn’t pay the bills. So we did some internet stalking, and we dug up some stories on Jonathan Cheban blocking people on Twitter and Instagram. There were a lot, but we picked the most interesting (read: psychotic) ones. We couldn’t find his responses because his Twitter mysteriously went on private around the time I tweeted that I was doing this article. Here’s some cringeworthy stories of Jonathan Cheban blocking people.